A"Muse"ing Inspirations
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Muse: (noun) a source of inspiration

Such a simple definition for something that, to those of us who have them, is oh so complicated. It starts out as an inclination to maybe play around with a character you like, who happens to belong in someone else's universe. Then eventually, they start hanging around all the time, eating your food, drinking your beer, and then the worst thing of all. Inviting their friends. Finally, you end up with an entire head full of them, and the result is the need to build a website to put up all the assorted things they create. Which is why I'm here. So, look around if you want, but I should warn you that they have been known to adopt people who pass through. Or perhaps I should say abduct...

January 02, 2004:
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Now then, I have decided to completely revamp the website so If there aren't any updates that would be why.  Also gonna move the entire thing sometime later this year I think.  Get my own site and domain and whatnot, but for now, I'm just going to change it.